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PMGS has great pleasure in offering expertise technical services in servicing and calibrating of all types of Woodward, Europe, Russian and Hydro Mechanical Governors fitted to engines with high horse power which form part of diesel locomotives, generator sets, steam turbines etc.,

Our distinguished Customers are:-

  • Steel Plants.

  • Oil Refineries.

  • Sugar Industries.

  • National Thermal Power Corporations.

  • Fertilizers & Chemical Companies.

  • Railways.

  • Cement Plants.

  • Shipping Corporations.

  • Industrial Generators, etc.

PMGS is conducting seminars and imparting training since 1993. Please refer to the seminar and training programme section.

PMGS has facility of test bench for calibrating all types of Governors. Please refer to the servicing section.

PMGS has also supplying small Governors and actuators for the small steam turbines , Synchronizing motors and Control panels for generator applications.

PMGS has also undertaking servicing and load box testing of WDS Diesel Locomotives.
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